Eye for detail towards shaping products that care

The market for Hygiene and care is evolving with the inception of new technologies. At SGN, we provide solutions for all non-woven products that primarily engage in baby care, adult incontinence and female hygiene. We ensure that consumer value is driven through the delivery of basic requirements of convenience and performance. Through the right material selection and the delivery that adheres to the performance standards, we keep an eye on the safety factors assured.

What we Offer

Hydrophobic SMS

The hydrophobic SMS (Spunbond +Meltblown+Spunbond) application is focused on the Leg Cuffs to make sure it offers the right fit and lets the absorbent layer facilitate liquid absorption in time. We take care of the softness and the conformity of the leg cuff material so that it ensures water-repellent, liquid leakage properties to secure sensitive areas of the skin.

Hydrophobic SS/SSS

The hydrophilic SS/SSS (Spunbond + Spunbond +Spunbond) application emphasizes the fluid absorption and encapsulation of absorbent materials with application in the core of absorbent articles. Our products are specially meant for the top sheet of the articles to maintain a soft and gentle surface while in contact with the body’s sensitive parts. The absorbent property of nonwovens lets fluids be absorbed quickly deep into the article.






Products that innovate healthcare with protection

SGN offers a range of smart wound care and special healing products to implement the best practices in the field of medicine and healthcare. Our nonwoven products ensure improved finishes which secure the users with characteristics like virus-proof, bacteria-proof and liquid-repellent properties. This is visible in the quality of surgical masks, drapes and gowns we offer.

What we Offer

Nonwovens for Disposable surgical gowns

Our team takes much care in developing nonwovens for the disposable surgical gowns for healthcare personnel which are highly beneficial during surgical procedures for protection. We emphasize the health of both patient and the healthcare provider with a minimum rate of transmission risks.

Nonwovens for Surgical Scrub Suits

The nonwovens for scrub suits we design exclusively for surgical care adhered to all the medical safety standards including the elimination of bacterial risks and contamination, if any.

Nonwovens for Surgical drapes & Covers

We offer nonwovens for disposable and reusable surgical drapes to delineate surgical areas, prevent contact with unprepared surfaces, and also to keep up the sterility of the surrounding surfaces.

Uniquely designed agricultural nonwovens

SGN Agriculture Nonwoven products are produced with due adherence to the stringent quality principles with our advanced technology-driven production equipment. We focus on utilizing an exceptional blend of raw materials to help with the need for agriculture fabric applications. SGN has been renowned for 27 years for its keen efforts in producing agriculture non-woven products in Saudi Arabia. We grow an in-depth understanding of the particular fabric needs which are required to prevent the harsh sun rays in Middle East countries

What we Offer

We help with agri-non-woven products and related solutions to mitigate many concerns like sunlight impact in summer, evaporation, overuse of pesticides, damaged crops, bird attacks on crops, weather fluctuations, and so on. We have products that focus on crop protection, elimination of dust and dirt on crops & plants, protection of fruits, protection against leaf burn, insect attack etc. with the help of innovative applications.

SGN AgriProtect

The material is specifically designed to nurture crop protection, especially in high UV regions.

SGN AgriMulch

We offer the best material specifically designed for mulching, the process to trigger crop growth once planted.

What makes our agri-non wovens the best?

We offer Easy to use products which are lightweight in texture. These products could be unwound with the help of a machine. To support the photosynthesis process and make sure the plants have adequate growth factors, the products are designed to be air and light permeable. Our agricultural non-woven products stick to the budget of the customers and require the least workforce. The process pampers the protection of crops, trees, fruits and vegetables usually sensitive to viral diseases. These could be muskmelon, tomato, watermelon, squash, etc.

Industrial & Household nonwovens at your comfort

We carry pride in developing the most effective and attractive non-woven products for both commercial and domestic usage. At SGN, we craft multipurpose products that add more charm to your lifestyle. Get a range of household products, disposable products, furniture protection materials, fashion apparel protectors, and housing safety materials with our signature.

What we Offer

Furniture Spring pockets:

Our unique yet beautiful furniture spring pockets include cushion and seat covers, decking material for sofas; mattress covers, spring insulators, quilt backing, pad protectors, dust guards, and for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

Inner lining & shoe linings

Our nonwovens prove to be the most suitable in the fashion industry with quality-bound products like shoe linings, inner linings, etc. for the added layer of protection.

Household products:

Keep your everyday household products like quilts, pillows and cushion inserts, storage cases, hanging organizers, wardrobes, etc. elegant with quality nonwovens.

Disposable covers for travel :

We offer headrest covers and pillow covers to be utilized in airlines, coaches, buses etc. They need to be replaced every time to ensure hygiene.


We make your packaging efforts more beautiful with nonwovens to craft reusable shopping bags, gift bags, electronic product packaging and flower wraps.

Construction sheets:

Our unique Vapour permeable sheets are applicable for roof constructions, exclusively made with protective material to scale the performance of outdoor work.

Our Special Products

SGN special products provide bulky and soft material to improve the value of consumer product.

SGN UltraSilk ©

- Available in both Spunbond and Spunmelt configuration.

- Hygiene applications for LSG Leg Cuff, Front Tab & Back Sheet

SGN UltraSoft ©

– Available in both Spunbond Phobic & Phillic, and in Spunmelt configuration.

– Hygiene applications for LSG Leg Cuff, Back Sheet, Front Tab and Top Sheet

SGN UltraSoft Plus©

– Available in both Spunbond and Spunmelt configuration.

– Hygiene applications for LSG Leg Cuff, Front Tab and Back Sheet.

SGN SoftTouch ©

– Available in both Spunbond and Spunmelt configuration.

– Hygiene applications for LSG Leg Cuff, Front Tab & Back Sheet.

SGN SoftTouch Plus ©

– Available in both Spunbond and Spunmelt configuration.

– Hygiene applications for LSG Leg Cuff, Front Tab & Back Sheet.