Saudi German Company - Hygiene Products


Hygiene is a very demanding market, in terms of both technical performance and haptic properties. We can offer solutions for all non-woven requirements for hygiene applications whether Baby care, Feminine Hygiene or Adult Incontinence.

The consumer value is derived from delivering the basic needs of performance, every time and comfort. Performance comes from the correct material selection and of course how you deliver the performance.

Leakage prevention on the diaper is prevented by the correct selection of the nonwoven technology and individual material performance.

Hydrophobic SMS is consistently used for Leg Cuff application, to ensure a good fit and allow the absorbent layer’s adequate time to absorb the liquid. The Leg Cuff material must also be soft and conformable in the sensitive areas it touches but highly water repellent to avoid liquid leakage.

Hydrophilic SMS is used in the Core of the absorbent articles to facilitate the absorption of the fluids and encapsulating the absorbent materials.

Hydrophilic Spunbond is commonly used for the Top sheet of the articles provide a soft and gently surface in contact with the sensitive areas of the body. The Absorbent nature of the nonwoven allows fluids to be quickly absorbed in to the core of the article.

Hydrophobic Spunbond is commonly used for the Back sheet of the articles provide a soft and gently surface to provide a more textile like feel to the diapers.

Special Products:

SGN UltraSoft is a unique material designed to provide a bulky and soft material to the consumer products increasing the value of the diapers etc.

SGN UltraSoft Plus further adds to the value by giving a silky feel to the nonwoven.